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Eternal Life Update 1

Thursday 28th April 2022, the Challenge Platform held it’s fourth annual public meeting. With over 300 participants we discussed all sorts of eternal life. Below a hightlight video – in Danish (click on the video).

From the very far left we have Rune Klingenborg, philosopher from the Danish National Center For Ethics. Next is Mette Nordahl Svendsen, professor in anthropology and leader of the MeInWe-project at Copenhagen University, and to the right we have Anne-Marie Axø Gerdes, professor at Rigshospitalet former member of the Danish Ethical Council. They discussed whether they wanted to be revived as digital avatars (no), as a speaker told us about, whether they want to know how old they get (no) and if all AI-generated human-look-alike tech should be declared as a machine (yes) in order to avoid us humans be cheated.

My ideal is,” said Mette Nordahl Svendsen, “that I am ready do die every day. Not as something I want. Or fear. But something that helps me embrace the life and the opportunies I have right now.”

After a talk about who we, with the deep fake technology, can review people as digital avatars being able to talk about his or her life, as it is fed with the historic personal data, we asked the audience the same questions. And surprisingly 50% of the audience said yes to the possibility of living forever as a digital avatar, so their grand children and others could meet them.

We also asked the audience what they do themselves to keep healthy and they said:

Exercise, healthy food no smoking, just a little alcohol. Have a social network, garden, dog and good sleep. Some are fasting, eating NAD (like Morten Scheiby-Knudsen – see video) & other supplements not to forget challenging the brain.

On the question whether they want to know when they die, 71% said no.

Do see more on the conference on its landing page here (only in Danish, sorry).