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Reflections from the Audience at Eternal Life 2

The audience at the Eternal Life (Evigt Liv) conference 2022 gave some reflections on whether they want to turn 150 years or not and whether we should revive or keep people ‘alive’ as digital avatars. Below you can see videos (click on photo) – only in Danish, but the gist of what they say is written in English next to the video.

No, thanks. I don’t want to be 150. It is too long. So many Trumps we will have to encounter. Okay, if I can stay healthy, I’d like to reach a high age.

We are already too many people on earth, so 150 no thanks. Homo sapiens are invasive. We need space for other species.

If we keep people as digital versions, we need consent. And a server keeping it afloat. We must discuss this ethically.

We mainly live to reproduce ourselves, so no, right now I think turning 150 is not attactive. But if I was 149, I’d probably be happy to live another year. It is most important that we are healthy and well, while we are here. But we also must be able to decide, when we want to die and get, what I call, the blue injection. I’ve written a lot about Dementia, and I believe you could set the limit yourself in your life will. We might also be forced to doing it, if many turn 150. So, should my 107 year old daughter take care of me? We have to be able to stop it ourselves.

The longer I live, the more I think things repeat itself. I believe, that I will become tired of seeing the same problems return without being solved. And new wars will come, which we thought would never happen again, as we have learned that peace is best. I don’t want to continue that for so many years.

Yes, if my health will remain.

Yes, why not. If you wake up in the morning and you feel well, I don’t see any reason for not wanting to turn 150.

I don’t think we should keep digital avatars of humans. It is scary.

Id turn 150 if all others get as old as well, my family and friends. If it was only me, it would not be great.

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