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Steering Group

Majken Karoline Jensen

Epidemiology into Biology of Ageing


Majken is an associate professor of Genetic Epidemiology & Nutrition at the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health and will be professor of epidemiology into biology of ageing at Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. Her research includes identification and evaluation of biomarkers and novel metabolic markers of cardiometabolic diseases. She also works with investigations of lifestyle and diet in combination with high-dimensional methods (genome-wide association studies, metabolomics and proteomics) in observational epidemiology. Her work also involves advancement of methodological approaches for the epidemiological investigation of biomarkers in chronic diseases (Mendelian Randomization, pathway analyses, and layering of high-dimensional data) in traditional observational study design.

Zorana Jovanovic Andersen

Environmental Epidemiology


Zorana is Professor in Environmental Epidemiology and Leader of Environmental Epidemiology Group at the Section of Environmental Health, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. Her main research area is within health effects related to exposure to air pollution, both short- and long-term, and has worked with a number of health outcomes, including asthma in children, chronic respiratory and cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and all-cause and cause specific mortality. She mainly works with large Danish nationwide register data, and cohorts including Diet, Cancer and Health Cohort and Danish Nurse Cohort, and actively participates in European projects ESCAPE and ELAPSE.

Laust Hvas Mortensen

Data & Epidemiology

LinkedIn: laust-mortensen-627a8073

As chief advisor in the Office of Methodology and Analysis at Statistics Denmark, Laust constantly explores new ways in producing evidence base from population registers. He aims to further utilize and combine all available data across topics to turn data in to knowledge to the benefit of the society. Statistics Denmark is committed to providing safe and secure access to the data repositories and methodological expertise necessary to conduct the analyses. Having previously worked in academia, Laust has years of experience in epidemiology, most notably social and perinatal epidemiology, and managing various research projects.

Lene Juel Rasmussen

Genetic Origins of Ageing


Lene is a professor and also executive director at the interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Aging at University of Copenhagen. The center was launched in recognition of the challenges and opportunities due to increasing life expectancy in nowadays ageing population. The overarching aim is for the citizens to live longer, healthier lives and for the society to benefit from the citizens’ extended, active contributions. Lene’s own research focuses on unraveling the complex genetic origins of ageing and the development of age-related diseases, as well as the impact of environmental factors on human cells.

Pernille Tranberg

Public outreach & data ethics

LinkedIn: pernilletranberg

Pernille is an independent advisor on data and AI ethics, data understanding, data democracy and digital selfdefense for companies, authorities, organisations and individuals. She is co-founder of the European think-tank and she has written 8 books: the latest is ‘A Data Democracy Come With Individual Data Control’ (2021), and ‘DataEthics – The New Competitive Advantage’ (2016) with Gry Hasselbalch. She co-authored with Steffan Heuer ‘Fake It’ (2012, Peoples Press) about big data and digital self-defense. She holds a Master in journalism from Columbia University in New York City and is a former tech and investigative reporter at Politiken and editor-in-chief of a Danish consumer magasine Tænk.